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Send large SMS volumes with SMS Enterprise

Overview SMS Enterprise

SMS Enterprise is a package created for cost effective and flexible SMS mailing to customer clubs.

In the package you get software and one prefix/keyword on short code, or a virtual number, for the option to subscribe/unsubscribe via SMS.

Management of number lists with functions for splitting, assembling and comparing lists or compare with the block list is built in to the program. Using a prepared list allows unique message and sender in the same list. Easily uploaded from text file or XML document.

Number formatting and ability to do number control to avoid junk number can be used for a successful result. Country code is recommended in the number lists used in the program.

The program is designed to run on Windows XP , Vista or 7 with .NET Framework version 3.5 . Version requirement for statistical section is Framework 4.0.

SMS Enterprise communicates with SMS Teknik 's server over SMPP, before use control that the communication is verified, it is a special port used. Please contact us for more information.

Advantages SMS Enterprise

SMS Enterprise is a versatile and flexible tool, created mainly for large SMS distribution but can also be customized as needed.

The software has SMPP connection to our SMS Gateway. After a simple installation the program will be ready to use directly from your computer.

Number lists handled and adapted as necessary. Split a list to multiple files or combine multiple files into one list, remove the incorrect numbers from your list and save or use directly.

Opt-out for SMS distribution may be made to short code with prefix or long number, and any list of cancellations are easily stored in a block list.


  • SMS Enterprise software
  • SMPP Connection
  • One prefix/keyword on short code
  • Control of receiving numbers and adjustment to correct format
  • Unique messages with prepared list
  • Scheduling SMS with sendtime
  • MultiSMS with up to 918 characters
  • Selectable sender within GSM Standard
  • 2-way Communication
  • Opt-in/opt-out via incomming SMS
  • Failover
  • Delivery report
  • Statistics
  • Number of sessions can be increased for better performance
  • Update Check

Field of application

Customer clubs

  • Offers
  • News
  • Invitation to happenings
  • Receive information
  • Opt-out via SMS


  • Invitation to participants
  • Send information
  • Receive inquiry via SMS
  • Marketing


  • Invitation to participants
  • Registration
  • Welcoming message
  • Marketing

Sports event

  • Send offer to contestants
  • Send Start number
  • Send information about changes

Product description

Handle lists
Once the software is installed and SMS Enterprise is started the SMPP data should be entered into the program. These are then saved for future use.

Number list for dispatch may be uploaded and assessed against a stop list that is also uploaded and/or PBL (Permanent block list on a file saved on the computer).

Use country code in both stop and number lists to sort out numbers. Save handled list to one or many files as desired. Save if necessary, a list of the incorrect numbers discarded.

Prepared list of unique message and sender to each receiver can be loaded after activation.

Manual for the tool's features can be found under Help in the menu. Ability to create help panel to follow step by step instructions are also available there.

Sms Connect Enterprise

Create message
When the account details and recipient is in place, sender is chosen. To enable answers use a number as sender but if no answers is wanted it´s possible to use alpha numeric sender (3-11 characters a-z, A-Z and 0-9).

Then type the message to send. Remember that it is text, line breaks may look odd depending on the phone's screen size.

An SMS can contain 160 characters, but the tool offers multi-SMS with up to 6 SMS parts that appears as a single message to the recipient. Cost is calculated per part that will be 153 characters long SMS when activated, making it possible to send up to 918 characters.

To send test SMS is recommended to see how it looks on your mobile phone.

Under the tab for mailing option is time for mailing or choose to send as soon as possible. For information about created mailing, see the Overview tab.

Sms Message

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