SMS-solution for payment on internet


Overview SMS Pay

Companies can easily charge customers for information with SMS Pay by letting them send a SMS to a Swedish shortcode (service available from Swedish cellphones only).

SMS Pay is presented in a webinterface and the customer can fast and easy read the information he ordered on his mobile phone.

Today it´s possible to charge the customer between 0-50 SEK through SMS Pay.

The level of proceeds are to be found in a separate document with table of outpayments, se information on Rate Card 72120.

Possibility to create your own solution with higher amounts is available using Premium SMS Gateway API

Advantage SMS Pay

SMS Pay is a complete tool that makes it easy to get started with an online payment service.

Allows customers to pay and unlock pages of information through SMS.

Micro Payment via SMS is fast and easy.

The tool shows clear steps for customer how payment is to be made.

An arranged online report shows transaction history.


  • Short code service for billable SMS included
  • Complete tool for micro payment 0-50 SEK on the web
  • Allow customers to unlock a page of information
  • Built-in control for payment
  • Web interface for the compilation of purchase

Field of Application

  • Payment for access to information 
  • Payment for preview of collection/art
  • Printmaterials via SMS link after Payment
  • Payment for movie
  • Lock web page so that only those who pay can see
  • Membership in the association
  • Payment for posting ad

Product description

SMS Pay in practice

The service SMS Pay gives the customer instructions how to precede the purchase. The picture below shows one example of the information the customer receives when he has clicked the link for purchase.

When this window is shown to the customer our service SMS Pay execute continuous control if payment has been received. If the customer fail to send in the right SMS message nothing happens and the purchase is there by not accomplished.

The shape of these pictures and texts can of course be adjusted to fit your requests with a css-file. SMS Pay can be used to charge pictures, sound file, stream video or other files. More or less everything possible to publish on the web is chargeable with SMS Pay.


SMS Pay web report

With SMS Pay you get access to an easy understandable interface that illustrate transactions. It contains different detail levels depending on if you want to see the transaction history in details or as a summary for the month.

With the SMS Pay web report you get a easy to understand survey and a way to keep track of the incomming payments.