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SMS Teknik AB

SMS Teknik AB is one of the leading suppliers of SMS services in Sweden. Our services makes it possible for companies to send and receive SMS and MMS through the computer and to charge via SMS. Our wide competence and long experience from IT-business makes us able to satisfy every customers unique needs.

Business concept

We turn to companies all over the world who has needs to make their communication solutions based on SMS-, and MMS-techniques complete and more effective.

Our ambition is to make simple and intuitive services with kept great flexibility. With the different interfaces and functions in our services we want to deliver solutions to all challenges, desires and demands that companies have.

Fast answers in support and personal service is at high priority for us.


Our customers experience that we offer high quality services with competitive pricing.

We use direct termination that gives the best control and the best outcome for SMS dispatches. We control the SMS traffic and redirect it between operators all over the world to avoid disturbance if a net are having problems. We work in dialog with all operators to detect problems fast. Our ambition is to solve any possible problems before our customer is affected of them.

All the positive reactions we get from our customers while implementing and using our services we see as an approval to our ambition “to make simple and intuitive services with kept great flexibility”.

Our ambition is to make simple and intuitive services with kept great flexibility.