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SMS Connect / SMS Gateway

How many characters can I send in an SMS message?

An SMS can hold 160 characters as a standard, but SMS Teknik’s incredible developers have cracked the code and our services are therefore able to send longer texts where the text will be split in parts but delivered as one long SMS.

How long does it take to get started sending SMS?

If you subscribe for an account with us you can send SMS from your computer immediately. Integration of SMS functionality in present systems makes you able to operate in a couple of minutes. Of course, this depends what functions you choose to support in your own system ( as send later, group management, contact management etc.)

Do I have to pay for an SMS that does not reach the receiver?

If the SMS you have sent, does not reach our server, you do not need to pay for it. In the event that your SMS arrives at our server but not reaches the target, might still mean that the SMS has charged to any of our suppliers’ networks and has consequently generated a cost to SMS Teknik. So unfortunately you will have to pay even if the SMS does not reach the receiver. In most cases, SMS does not arrive because the receiver’s data memory is full, the phone has been switched off or the phone is out off coverage.

Why does my SMS not reach the receiver / recipient?

Usually this is because their data memory is full, there is a lack of support where the receiver / recipient is at the moment or the phone has been disconnected.

What sender ID’s can I use for my SMS send outs?

You choose which sender ID you want for your send outs without any extra costs. SMS Teknik follows the GSM-standard and recommend you to use alpha numeric sender a-z A-Z 0-9 (3-11 characters) or numeric sender 0-9 (3-15 characters). If you use an alpha numeric sender the recipient won’t be able to reply to your send outs. If you wish to send 2-way SMS please read our next question for more information.

Is it possible to reply to my SMS send outs?

Yes, but it depends on what sender ID you have chosen. It is not possible to send an SMS to a name, for example “SMSTeknik” and it is as impossible to reply to an SMS sent with “SMSTeknik” as a sender ID. So, to be able to reply to an SMS you need a numeric sender ID. If you wish the reply to be sent to a mobile phone, you set the mobile number as sender ID. If you wish to receive your replies to a computer, you either set a long number as sender ID, for example 46709xxxxxxxxxx (additional service 2-way SMS is needed).

It’s also possible to receive SMS to a short code, for example 71120 or 72120 but only from Swedish mobile numbers (additional service SMS Direct or Short Code service needed).

We also offer the possibility to use the Reply Module. The Reply Module sets a numeric sender ID on your send outs from a set of virtual numbers. The Reply Module is available with Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Danish and British numbers. For other countries sender number is set as Swedish.
The Reply Module is included in SMS Connect. For SMS Gateway an additional service (2-way SMS) is needed, for HTTP/S Post.

What is the difference between virtual number and reply module?

A virtual number is a longnumber that is used for 2-way SMS or to receive incoming SMS and is connected to one account.

Our reply module picks a random sender number from a pool of long numbers and connect one answer within 48 hours to the sent sms, the reply module is available with Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Danish and Brittish long numbers.

Does your service support “å ä ö“ in SMS?

Yes, SMS Connect does. If you use our SMS Gateway XML, you must specify table of characters (ISO-8859-1 or UTF-8) in the XML document to make “å ä ö” function.

What does delivery status mean to a transmitted SMS?

You can observe when your transmitted message reaches the addressee. When the state for a transmitted SMS is “delivered” you know that the recipient has got your SMS. If the receiving telephone has been disconnected your transmitted message is placed in a queue, to be delivered when the telephone is reconnected. Time for a second attempt varies depending on which operator the recipient has but is usually for up to 48 hours or until the TTL (Time To Live = SMS lifetime) has expired.

With the service SMS Connect you can see the delivery state on the history page or the transaction log. Clients of our SMS Gateway will have their delivery state sent to them.

Can I send SMS internationally with your SMS services?

It will work perfectly with most countries. We have support for more than 150 different countries around the world. For information about a specific country and price, you are welcome to contact us.

Will I get a problem with the characters &, <, >, ‘ and ” when I send XML?

In general the SMS sender text consists of the following characters: a-z, A-Z, 0-9 and “-“. Other characters may work but it’s nothing we recommend. There are characters that must not be used in XML context, therefore you must substitute the following characters according to the list mentioned below:

& = &amp;
< = &lt;
> = &gt;
” = &quot;
‘ = &apos;

How do i get SMS credits on to my account?

There are different possibilities to get SMS credits. You can buy a pot with SMS by placing an order on the web when logged on to your account at SMS Connect or contact us. You can get auto refill which means you always have credits on your account, choose a level for refill for example with 500 SMS left a refill is made with 1000 SMS, we send out a notification when a refill is made. In some cases you can get a bill for used SMS /month which also means you have credits all the time.

Outlook Mobile Service (OMS)

How do I install Outlook Mobile Service (OMS)?

It’s easy to install OMS that will be integrated in the users Microsoft Outlook account. When an OMS account is created the user will receive OMS account details, an installation guide and a user guide for both version 2007 and 2010.

Does OMS work in all versions of Microsoft Outlook?

No, unfortunately, only in Microsoft Outlook 2007 and 2010. In newer versions, Microsoft has removed the service, but SMS Technology can offer Mail2SMS if you want to send SMS from other versions of Outlook.

MMS Gateway

Can I send photos, music and videos?

Yes, You can send MMS through our MMS Gateway with different format:

  • Pictures/ photos:.jpg, .gif, .bmp
  • Sound:.mid, .wav, .mp3
  • Video:.3gp
Is there any limit on how big the MMS can be?

Yes. A MMS message can carry maximum 300 kB data including extra data such as caption, phone number, data for transmitting protocol etc. Some older phones can only receive 150kB or does not support MMS at all.

Can I receive incoming MMS?

Yes, we offer an additional service for our MMS Gateway that provides you with a short code with prefix for incoming MMS.

Premium SMS

How much can I charge via SMS?

Today there is support for charging 0-200 SEK including VAT (sms-fee is not included) per incoming SMS in Sweden. If you have questions about other Countries please contact us for more information.

What is Prefix and keyword?

Prefix is a keyword that associates an incoming SMS with a specific user. Every incoming SMS sent to a short code shall start with a prefix.

“Your own keyword”
With your own keyword, you have a keyword directly added to Swedish chargeable short code numbers at your disposal (for example 72120 ”DEMO”). Then you only need to set the initial keyword and the message text of your choice, for example: “DEMO Here comes the text”. Note, short code numbers are country specific.

How is the money split between customer, operator and SMS Teknik?

SMS Teknik offers one of the markets best earnings. Payments are split different depending on which operator you use, but you can see level of earnings in Sweden here , SMS Teknik AB do not charge any fixed cost, but takes a small sum while the operators keep about 30%-50 % of the earnings. This means that if you charge 100 SEK/ SMS your earning will be about 72 SEK with VAT included or about 58 SEK without VAT.

What is Non-Premium SMS?

With Non-Premium SMS you have the same functions as with Premium SMS but you are not able to charge your incoming SMS.

What do I need to think about when I want to charge incoming SMS?

You need to follow the code of conduct, visit the websites for Morganforum or Etiska Rådet to find these rules. You need to inform users what the cost is and how they can stop the service or get in touch with your Company among other things.



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Can I try SMS Tekniks services before I deside to be a customer?

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Can I get an account with SMS Teknik even if I don’t represent a company?

No, unfortunately we work only with business customers.