Design your own page for subscription of send outs

Imagine being able to create a page where interested parties can choose to sign up for send-outs on their own and without having to build it by yourself. Imagine that this feature would be available to add as an additional service to your existing SMS service.

Too good to be true? Not at all, SMS Teknik gives you the opportunity to design a subscription page for your needs.

The Subscription page can be used both to subscribe or unsubscribe to your send outs.

In the video below you will see how to create your own Subscription site. But before you can go there you need to create a public group list in your address book.

Create a Subcription page

  1. Create a new group list or select an existing list and add as  Public.
  2. Click on Subscribe.
  3. Design your page as you wish by changing background, text and color scheme.
  4. Save and open to see the result.

If you choose to have several group lists public, all will be shown at your subscription site and make it possible to subscribe or unsubscribe.

Add the URL to your Subscription page into the SMS

Copy the URL to your subscription page from the browser and use our URL shortener to insert the link into the SMS. Then you can inform the recipients to register themself for more SMS send outs in the future.

The subscription page is the perfect add to your SMS service

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