Batch Tool 2.0

There are so many options and possibilities in today’s society which is a privilege. But sometimes it can be too much of the good and the only thing you wish for is the simplest thing possible. This is why we created our Batch Tool.

“The Batch” has been with us since the very first beginning and is our ”simplest” tool for send outs. But over the years, it has become a little dusty and not quite up to date with our development of our Web Client. It has been standing in the shadow thinking, is this how life should be?

To be honest we have also been wondering if the need of this tool still persists to our customers. But after being in contact with customers using the Batch tool and seeing the huge need for the easy, we therefore chose to refresh our loyal servant.

What’s new then?

It is not only the outside that has been given a new approach and layout. Before, the limit of recipients in the same send out was 10 000. But we have now increased this limit a bit, or perhaps a bit is an understatement? You are now able to upload a list with 500 000 recipients that under the right circumstances will be for queued into our system within 20 seconds.

We have made the review of the send out more clear BUT have not changed what the “Batch” stands for – the simplicity.

1, 2, 3, 4 – READY

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