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Send SMS from computer, phone or tablet

Overview SMS Connect

SMS Connect complements the traditional channels of communication to customers/ employees. Contacts around the world can be reached easily, quickly and affordably.

Use the tool that works best for the moment, computer, cell phone or tablet.

Reply Module for Web Client and a mobile web application is included in SMS Connect, to get an answer to sent SMS within 48 hours. For 2-way communication in which the user can respond to received SMS indefinitely, we offer our services for 2-way SMS via virtual number. Replies/incoming SMS are displayed in web-based inbox or forwarded to e-mail or url.

Advantages SMS Connect

Reduced time and costs, such as telephone calls and mail.

Choose to send 1-way or 2-way SMS, depending on wich sendername you use.

The ability to create subscription services such as customer clubs or interest groups.

Send immediately or schedule up to five years ahead.

Send from the client that is best suited for the time; Web client, Windows client, Batchtool or Mobile web application.


  • Create mailing to one or more contacts/groups
  • Choose your own alphanumeric sender name (a-z, A-Z and 0-9)
  • Do personalized dispatch with variable name in the message text
  • Send immediately or at scheduled time
  • History/delivery status of sent SMS
  • Send long SMS without limits
  • Send Flash message
  • Download recipients from address book or list
  • Reply Module for Web Client and a Mobile web application with virtual numbers for receiving one reply to sent SMS within 48 h
  • Easy registration and deregistration of newsletters are available as additional service

SMS Connect can be used for both separate SMS for employees or customers and for Marketing with SMS mass mailing etc.

Field of application


  • Reminder of service
  • Notification that the car is ready
  • Time to change tires


  • Lunch menu
  • Confirming table reservation
  • Reminder table reservation


  • Reminder appointment
  • Information about changes


  • Current movies
  • Order confirmation


  • Reminder of ordered books
  • Reimder of late books

Web client

A useful tool to send SMS messages from any computer or tablet. The Web client is set on Swedish per default, but translations are available in English, Danish, Norwegian and Finnish. Make your choice by clicking the flag before loggin in or change or save the language on the customer portal at company profile and settings.

Select a group/individual recipient from the address book or manually enter the destination number.

Selectable sender text:

  • Alphanumeric sender, 3-11 characters a-z, A-Z. No answer is possible.
  • Numeric sender, max 15 digits eg own mobile number for answers to your own mobile phone
  • Reply Module for answers to SMS Connect inbox with links to which SMS receiver answered. Answer to the reply module is possible 1 time within 48 hours for each sent SMS
  • Virtual numbers are available as additional service for SMS without a time limit forwarded to inbox or to e-mail/url

The Web client's history and statistics for sent SMS, view and search information in the inbox, order SMS, manage address book, write/load list of contacts, create text templates for reuse and use variable names for personal mass mailings etc.

The Web client is reached after logging in

MMS - Multimedia Messaging Service

Send multimedia messages easily to customers and employees with Swedish numbers through our Web client. You can get started quickly by logging on the web from any computer. By following a few simple steps, you can send MMS messages to one or many recipients.

Using MMS Connect is an easy and cost effective way to get information out to customers and colleagues. With MMS, the information is clear, direct, and more fun.


  • Send up to 300 kb data
  • SMIL
  • Write recievers phone number in the program
  • Ability to load list with reciving numbers from text file or Excel file
  • Group Mailings
  • Sender 72120
  • History with Delivery Status
The following formats and combinations are supported
  • image/gif
  • image/jpeg
  • image/png
  • video/mp4
  • audio/mp3

Field of Application

Construction & Service

  • Job descriptions, maps or drawings, for employees.


  • Offers

Event & Nightclub

  • Invitations
  • Offers
  • Entrance tickets


  • Lunch menus
  • Offers

Batch tool

As customer you also have access to a so called batch tool where the transmission of SMS occurs direct from an up-loaded text-file with the receiver numbers. This tool removes all number duplicates (if the receiver number is mentioned more than once in the list) and it also removes incorrect numbers.

Up-load the list with numbers, compose your message, set time for sending and check the details, it's easy to use.

Windows client

Send SMS from your computer simple and easy with SMS Connect Windows Client. The client is a Windows program, where you can reach your groups and the information you have configured with SMS Connect. By giving the account specifications in the Client settings, you do not need any time-consuming logins when sending SMS.

The client is as simple and easy to use as an ordinary e-mail program. Just state which group/groups or single receiver you wish to contact by SMS and press the send-button after you have written your message.

windowsklient 1
windowsklient 2

Web application

SMS Connect Web application is created for sending SMS to groups in the Address Book from any mobile phone, regardless of brand or model. The Web application is also ideally suited for use on a tablet or computer. The Web application looks and feels like a regular app as it is fast and adapts to the device display so-called Responsive Web Design (RWD).

Start the application by surfing on to Log in with your regular account information for SMS Connect.

To save an "app" icon on your mobile, select "Add to Home Screen".

The Web application displays the latest conversations that are linked to the company's account. New messages created in the Web application is sent with the reply module as sender for keeping track of conversations.

The Web application uses modern technologies such as HTML5, RWD, jQuery, AJAX, REST and JSON. Use a modern and updated Web browser.

Webbapplikation Screenshot

Additional Service

Subscribe service

With our Subscribe service you will be able to use a website that can be designed as desired.  The service give the interested possibility to easily register or deregister them self to send-outs.

Create a Subscribe site

  1. Create a new group list or choose an existing list and set it as Public.
  2. Click on the button Subscribe.
  3.  Design the site as you wish by changing background, color and by adding text.
  4.  Save you new site and press open to see the result.

Send out SMS to your group lists directly from your phone.
By sending one SMS to an unique keyword and to short code 71120 - all of the members of the chosen group list will receive the SMS. Choose to download an existing template or to write the message directly in the SMS.

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