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Receive messages to Short Code

Overview short code services

Using SMS Tekniks short code service, SMS can be received and forwarded to a system or an e-mail address and to our web tool - SMS Direct.

A connection to a shared short code with keyword/prefix to control incoming message is included. SMS Teknik has short code numbers for Sweden and in Norway. It is also possible to get prefix on shared short codes in other countries than Sweden and Norway . Feel free to ask.

SMS Teknik can also help with setting up your own short code so that all incoming SMS whatever prefix is received.

Incoming SMS on 71xxx short codes with prefix is no additional cost to the user, only the operator's SMS rate.

Short code services is also available for incoming MMS to short code 72120. Messages from Swedish numbers with keyword/prefix first in the text is forwarded to e-mail or to url using HTTP Post.

Confirmation that MMS was received can be done with an automated SMS back to the sender.

Incoming MMS to 72120 with the prefix first is no additional cost to the user, only the operator MMS tariff.

Advantages short code services

Our short code services are flexible and can be combined with several other services.

They are quick and easy to start using, but can be complex connections for systems or simple convenient connections to e-mail.

You can effectively gather information from customers, employees or visitors.

Today almost everyone has a cell phone and a text message can easily be sent with the prefix/keyword first, eg to participate in voting, contest or to register interest.

No installation required and retransmission of communication is made directly to your system , to email or to our useful web tools for incoming SMS - SMS Direct.

Easy activation of supplementary service SMS Direct to offer more options depending on your needs.

Short code services is also simple to combine with SMS Connect or SMS Gateway to create unique responses, response message with more text or mass-mailings to all who submitted the message.


  • Receiving a message to url or e-mail.
  • Ability to automatically static text message reply (max 160 characters)
  • Time stamp
  • Sender number and keyword/prefix are provided as information for an incoming message
  • opt-in/opt-out SMS option linked to group in SMS Connect address book
  • SMS connections for forwarding messages to your system via SMTP, HTTP Post/Get and XML, alternatively to SMPP inbox, UCP inbox or CIMD v2 inbox
  • MMS connections for forwarding via SMTP and HTTP Post

Field of Application


  • Contests
  • Customer Club
  • Discount codes
  • Offer
  • Customer Service
  • Orders

Event Agencies

  • Promotion campaigns
  • Expression of interest
  • Order
  • Voting
  • Contests


  • Questions
  • Information
  • Lectures
  • Notification of illness


  • Reservations
  • Order
  • VIP list

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